Born and raised in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, Giancarlo figured that 18 yrs. in the snow was enough and it was time to head towards the ocean and one of the best places in California for that was San Diego. Living by the ocean was a big factor in the relocation, but also starting his career in a real city, that was the real priority. Ever since Giancarlo got his first copy of photoshop when he was 12 yrs. old he knew that this was his passion and that he finally found something that he had great enthusiasm for and he could see himself doing this the rest of his life.

That is exactly what happened, moved to San Diego to persue his graphic design career. Graduating with a Bachelors degree in multimedia, two specialized degrees in web design and 3d animation. Giancarlo is truly passionate about what he's does. Why? because this is what he loves to do! Hey and why not have a job that you love and maybe make a little money doing it.

Thanks for checking out my interactive portfolio.

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